Alan Scott Retail

Alan Scott Retail Limited (ASRL) is a distinguished company that specializes in establishing and managing retail showrooms for esteemed lifestyle and fashion consumer brands. Our primary objective is to curate a diverse and comprehensive Basket of Brands, striving to be the go-to destination for consumers seeking premium products. Currently, ASRL proudly operates franchise stores of Miniso and Xstep, two renowned and highly regarded brands.

Miniso, known for its strong influence from Japanese designs, offers a wide range of high-quality household goods, cosmetics, and food products at affordable prices. With a global presence, Miniso has successfully established approximately 220 stores in India and continues to expand its footprint worldwide.

Xstep, on the other hand, is a leading professional sports brand that boasts an extensive distribution network encompassing over 6,300 stores across the globe. Renowned for its exceptional sports products, Xstep is committed to providing customers with top-notch athletic gear and footwear.

At ASRL, we strive to foster strong partnerships with our brands, ensuring that our retail showrooms provide an unmatched shopping experience to our valued customers. With a dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Alan Scott Retail Limited stands as a trusted name in the retail industry, constantly seeking new avenues to enhance the portfolio of brands we offer.

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