Alan Scott Robotics

Alan Scott Automation and Robotics specializes in End-of-Line Handling Automation, delivering tailored solutions for manufacturing and packaging operations across various industries. Our clientele includes prominent players in the Paint, Edible Oil, Milk, and FMCG sectors. We offer two primary products: Packtopackoff and Bondgreen.

Packtopackoff provides a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for End-of-Line Automation, ensuring seamless operations and increased efficiency. Our offerings under Packtopackoff include:

  • Palletizers: We offer robotic palletizing solutions for cartons, pails, and sacks, streamlining the palletization process and optimizing handling operations.

  • CasePackers: Our CasePackers enable efficient packaging by facilitating the packing of products into separate cases or cartons, ensuring secure and organized transportation.

  • Stackup and Stackdown: With our automatic crate handling and stacking solution, Stackup and Stackdown, we provide automated processes for crate handling and stacking, simplifying operations and enhancing productivity.

In addition to our End-of-Line Automation solutions, we also present Bondgreen, a product line focused on helping FMCG and other industries reduce plastic consumption in their secondary and tertiary packaging. Our Bondgreen offerings include:

  • AutoCollar: This innovative packaging technology ensures the secure bundling or fastening of objects, promoting sustainability and reducing the need for excess plastic usage.

  • SureShipper: By utilizing hot glue to seal shippers, SureShipper offers an eco-friendly and affordable packaging solution, providing a more sustainable alternative to traditional packaging methods.

  • BondPrime: BondPrime facilitates the collation and unitizing of pellets/boxes through a plastic shrink-wrap-less approach, minimizing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

At Alan Scott Automation and Robotics, we are committed to providing cutting-edge automation solutions and environmentally conscious options to enhance manufacturing processes, optimize packaging operations, and promote sustainable practices across industries.

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